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Our Teams

We have Blasters Skills sessions for 5-7 year olds on Friday afternoons, we have Blasters matches for U8s and U9s on Saturday mornings, we have junior club teams from U10 to U17 (matches played on Saturdays or Sundays depending on the competition) and we have two adult teams playing in the Inner West Harbour Sat PM competition.

Training takes place at Blackmore Oval, with each team being allocated a training day and time.


For further information about age group eligibility, minimum age requirements and fees please click on the button below to take you to the registration information page at Play HQ.

Honour Boards


Noella Merrick Medal

2024 H Zauch
2023 G Cassim

2022 H Zauch

2021 L Wakeling

2020 T Hillard

2019 A Hoenig

2018 C BIlich


Junior Boys Champion

2024 O Lista
2023 O Lista

2022 G Cassim

2021 G Cassim

2020 G Cassim

2019 A Woods

2018 S Schmitzer


Junior Girls Champion

2024 E Coughlin
2023 L Wakeling

2022 L Wakeling

2021 H Zauch

2020 H Zauch

2019 T Millott

2018 O Currie

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